Casting chambers

Casting chambers for the horizontal, vertical and thixo casting process

For the production of the casting chambers, we use hot-work steel, which is tempered after prefabrication and nitrided after completion in order to achieve a longer tool life.

Depending on the wear and the failure phenomena at your existing casting chambers, the design, the possible tempering and the heat treatment will be adjusted together with you. In this way, we can help you to increase the tool life of the casting chamber, thus reducing machine downtimes and saving costs.

Casting chamber systems:

  • Standard – filling chambers without temperature control
  • Filling chambers with temperature control
    • in the filling area
    • in the form area
    • throughout
  • Filling chambers with shrunk or welded cooling ring
  • Filling chambers with cylindrical / conical exchangeable bush
  • Filling chambers with tempered exchangeable sleeve
  • Filling chambers with pouring channel according to your 3D data

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