die casting machines

General and partial overhaul of cold and hot chamber machines of all brands

The clever alternative: overhauling, modernizing and repairing

Especially in times of increasing competition, it is the goal of every company to increase liquidity while maintaining competitiveness. This can only succeed if high-quality die-cast parts are produced at a favorable price.

An outdated die casting machine, which operates poorly and inaccurately, can no longer meet this requirement. Today, many old die casting machines are simply taken out of service, and the accessories that have been bought over the years are no longer used. Before you decide to make a new purchase, you should talk to us. We have successfully established ourselves on the market with an interesting alternative offer, over the past 40 years. We are proud to count many well-known die casting foundries and die casting machine manufacturers worldwide among our satisfied customers. We will gladly send you our reference list.

Even after many years of use, it is still worthwhile updating your old die-casting machine with retro-fit measures instead of disposing them expensively. Old, worn-out components are replaced new, state-of-the-art technology. Likewise, the electronic and hydraulic control is brought to the state of the art.

Overhauling has many advantages:

  • Cost savings: Overhauling is much cheaper than buying a new machine
  • Shorter delivery times and faster re-availability
  • Existing tools and devices can continue to be used
  • Increasing your productivity through maximum machine availability
  • Employees can continue working on their familiar machine and only have to be trained to a limited extent, depending on control changes
  • Improvement of occupational safety through modern security measures

Our tip:

Combine the benefits of new technologies with the benefits of your old die-casting machine

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